Anniversary year. This year marked the 10th year (the 11th summer) since the start of our grand artistic artillery. An album was recorded, The Best Of Rhapsody. It was a double album featuring many of our guests over the years.

For the jubilee, it was obvious that I was going to invite one of my favorites, LaGaylia, while Peter Johansson and Janne Åström shared the male performances. Pablo stayed on, which I was extremely happy about. Micke Tornving was our comedian. He became ill on the night before the opening, so Lennie Norman (the son of a fore-mentioned Charlie Norman) was thrown in. He is incredibly professional, who knows how to wow an audience with his stand-up comedy act.

Once back, Mickes punishmentwas to impersonate Paul Stanley in our KISS medley.

This year saw some great ladies; Charlotte Perrelli was red hot this year, while Sofia Källgren, Linda Lampenius and Jessica Andersson starred in most of the concerts.

Career-wise, the greatest thing was that my music was accepted for the Beijing Olympics. The composer and Oscarwinning Mr. Tan Dun and I both contributed to the music that was played during the Olympicsthe piece was played 2,800 times!

In addition, our summer final was performed during the Olympic Games in Beijing. Everything was televised, and later released on DVD.