Recording Rhapsody In Rock No. 9. All mini piano concerts together in one production, both the classical versions and the rockier ones.

I was awarded a Royal Medal at the royal palace in Stockholm for my work within the music sector. A somewhat startling but highly gratifying surprise.

This year, work started with developingthe Rhapsody ideas. Creating new age piano concertos and develop piano schools including score-reading, improvisation and eartraining.

The first real Denmark tour was conducted.

Several trips to China were made this year, for gigs at film galas, charities and concerts.

Grand opening of the Summer Camp for young and talented pianists. This happened on the N3 School of Arts in Trollhättan, Sweden. A concert was held with their youth symphony orchestra. A new collaboration was commenced with conductor, Ulf Wadenbrandt, who becomes the new Head Conductor for Rhapsody In Rock.

The Rhapsody ensemble and I traveled to Wuhan, China, to act as musical hosts for the New Year TV Show, for the second year running. The Eurovision Song Contest winner, Loreen, joined us on this trip.