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11 August 2009

Roberts piano school will start in the end of September. Everything is done online with new lessons for each semester that goes by. Much more info to come in the next newsletter on 31 August. Join in and register on


20 July 2009

to Skansen! On Friday and Saturday the 14-15 of August, Rhapsody in Rock will be performed on Skansen. All tickets purchased for Vaxholm apply as usual. NOTE the new time, 19.30. There will be three acts on Saturday with a big Chinese guest appearance in the middle of the evening. The entire weekend will be documented for Chinese TV. More info soon. A warm welcome to two fully packed evenings.

'''''17 July, 2009 – #1!'''''

The single, Handful of keys, with Robert and Albert Lee is now #1 on the singles charts this week. Congratulations from the webmaster.


30 June 2009

This Saturday, Wells, Vocalettes and the Rhapsody Lounge Orchestra will be on the TV4 show, Sommarkrysset. We start off the show with a Jive medley, similar to what will be played on the summer tour this year.


19 June 2009

On the last day of June, we will head off to Madrid, in connection with Sweden taking over the EU chairmanship.


9 June 2009

Check the link to Aftonbladet and our latest video. Albert Lee and Robert play live in the studion again.


8 June 2009

We are proud to present the organist, Jon Lord, as our special guest in Falkenberg at the premiere of Rhapsody In Rock on July 11. Jon Lord (Deep Purple and Whitesnake) will make this exclusive appearance and offer a series of Deep Purple classics in the show.


26 May 2009

Yesterday saw the big release party for the new CD, ''In The Spirit Of Andrew Sisters ''at Wallmans Salonger. Everything was filmed and will be posted on the website as soon as possible. Until then, clips from TV 4 this morning with Vocalettes & Rhapsody Lounge Orchestra, here with Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.


18 May 2009

The winners of the draw for tickets to the Vocalettes release party and raffle were as follows:Ticket to Wallmans Salonger and release party:Carina JanssonKristina StoomendalAnette TeschJan GustavssonBeth EngströmHåkan SöderkvistErnst NilssonMia JohanssonCaroline JohanssonKristina CarlssonCD album by Vocalettes:Jan RydeKerstin Johansson MauricioLena KempeKjell NylinRoland LundqvistAnnette Edman RasmussenAnders SternerYvonne BergerKarin AspChrister WestmanAll winners will be contacted during the week through e-mail and post.Congratulations from the Rhapsody Production.


13 May 2009

Now, it's full speed ahead in the studio on St Eriksplan in Stockholm. Today, we had a quick visit by guitar legend, Albert Lee, who flew in especially for the upcoming EP, ''Handful Of Keys''. Release on June 10th.


2 May 2009

Yesterday, Wells was in London to meet with one of the summer guests in the Rhapsody In Rock concerts -– The Voice Of Rock; Mr Glenn Hughes. What an inspiring meeting for the summer! More info to come.


28 April 2009

On Thursday 30th of April, TV4 will broadcast the'' Rhapsody In Rock 10 years,'' two hours of everything you can think of from ten years of arenas and performers from 1998 and onwards.


21 April 2009

The winners of the audition for the CLOSE UP TOUR are:Per Högberg, KarlstadSebastian Ilvonen, Nacka.They will both join the Rhapsody In Rock concerts in Dalhalla. More info about these fine young men will be included in the monthly newsletter next week.


9 April 2009

New dates for Finland.Pargas 18 July at the Rowlit Festival 1-3 May will be postponed to:24 September, Helsinki25 September, Vasaand 26 September in Jakobstad.


27 March 2009

This year, we will go "Back to the Future", a packed summer show with wonderful gigs waiting in Scandinavia. The Retro Tour in the parks will be mixed with Rhapsody In Rock. Join the news desk here over the coming weeks


17 March 2009

Right now, a new CD is being mixed with The Vocalettes, Rhapsody's own choir consisting of Maria Sköld, Hanna Wanngård and Eleonor Ågeryd Musiken är en hyllning till Andrew Sisters och spelas in med stor orkester. Allt i 40-tals andan.