Additional venues added! The Robert Wells “Rhapsody in Rock 25 years” Anniversary Tour extended!

Public interest is overwhelming for Robert Wells’ “Rhapsody in Rock 25 years”, which will be celebrated with an anniversary tour! The tour has now been expanded with another three new locations; Malmö Baltic Hall, Norrköping De Geer-hallen and Gothenburg The Theatre, making it a total of 10 locations around the country (see tour schedule below). The 25th anniversary will be celebrated with an great ensemble of no less than 60 people. A symphony orchestra and world class musicians accompany guest artists throughout the country.

Robert Wells will tell about the start of “Rhapsody in Rock”, how it all began, and classical pieces will be blended with boogie and rock. This 25th anniversary will be celebrated in a more intimate autumn tour around the country.

While on tour, Robert Wells is bringing the symphony orchestra SSO (Swedish Symphony Orchestra) and the Gävle Symphony Orchestra. Sofia Källgren is booked for the tour, and more guest artists are soon to be announced.

The 25-year celebration is based on the success of “Rhapsody In Rock”, which once started in 1989, close to the audience and “Old Time Entertainment”. Intimacy, humour and a very high level of musical quality – world class!

“We want to get as close to the audience as possible, completely without the use of TV screens. Our goal is to minimize the distance between the stage and the salon”, says Robert.

Nearly 1.9 million people at over 500 concerts visited “Rhapsody in Rock” throughout Scandinavia during 1989-2014. More than 90 guest artists participated at Ullevi, Råsunda, Dalhalla and other arenas all over Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, China, USA, Russia, Germany and England to name but a few of the countries visited.

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Tour schedule for autumn 2014 “Rhapsody in Rock 25 years”.
25 October Vänersborg, Idrottshuset
26 October Linköping, Konsert & Kongress
31 October Stockholm, Berwaldhallen
1 November Sundsvall, Tonhallen
2 November Gävle, Konserthuset
6 November Malmö, Baltiska Hallen (New)
7 November Jönköping, Konserthuset
8 November Skövde, Skövde Arena
9 November Norrköping De Geer-hallen (New)
16 November Göteborg, The Theatre (New)
(subject to change)

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