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Rhapsody In rock – Complete


Number of tracks: 20


Product Description

Robert Wells, together with Anders Berglund and S:The Petersburg Symphony Orchestra makes this recording. Recorded 1998.
Sold in over 100.000 ex.Platinum.


  1. Ouvertyr
  2. Rhapsody In Rock IV
  3. In The Hall Of The Mountain King
  4. March From The Love Of Three Oranges
  5. Winter Games
  6. Music
  7. Rhapsody In Rock I
  8. Haga Menuett
  9. Groove rocker
  10. Roll Over Beethoven
  11. Rhapsody In Rock II
  12. Fairy Tale
  13. Spanish Rhapsody
  14. Bumble Bee Boogie
  15. This That
  16. Rhapsody In Rock III
  17. Root Beer Rag, Live
  18. Anitra’s Dance, Live
  19. Sabre Dance, Live
  20. Bye Bye Johnny


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