Robert Wells and Rhapsody In Rock to Denmark

During the spring of 2012, one of the most successful live tour events in Sweden will visit Denmark for the first time ever! The entertainment show has been created and produced by Sweden’s best kept secret, concerto pianist, singer and composer, Robert Wells.

Ever since 1998, Robert Wells and his Rhapsody in Rocksold more than 1.7 million tickets world-wide.

Along with The Rhapsody Lounge Orchestra, the female group Vocalettes, and one of Sweden’s best vocalists, LaGaylia, you will find yourself in a sing-along experience through all kinds of genres, from Old Time Boogie, via Chopin and Beethoven, to classic rock numbers. This is 100% entertainment and it is plain to see where Robert Wells goes for inspiration. In the spirit of Danish legend, Viktor Borge, Robert Wells takes the audience on a journey in to the magical world of music. Along with his talented ensemble, we are covered in humour and charm; this is a show that puts a great, big smile on your face long after the show is over.

Rhapsody in Rock is Viktor Borge meets Jerry Lee Lewis!
/Robert Wells

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