Robert Wells presents Rhapsody in rock 2009 “Handful of keys”

It is now official that rock legend, Jon Lord (Deep Purple, Whitesnake), will be part of this years Rhapsody In Rock opening in Falkenberg on 11th of July, 2009.

Rocknroll is key for this years Rhapsody in Rock, called Handful of Keys. This summer, Wells is offering high-quality world-class rocknroll. He brings rock legends Jon Lord (Deep Purple, Whitesnake and others), Glenn Hughes The Voice Of Rock(Deep Purple and others) and Albert Lee (Eric Clapton Band and others), Stephen Brant-Hansen, LaGaylia, Jakob Samuel (Poodles), Mikael Rickfors, Nina Söderqvist and Wellss own sidekick”, Jörgen Mörnbäck. This year, Rhapsody benefits from the addition of The Vocalettes, ”Team Wells(the choir from TV4) and vocalist and percussionist Pablo Cepeda. Joakim Cans (Hammerfall) appears exclusively on the final concert on the 28th of August in Dalhalla.

Parts of Rhapsody will also continue touring the public arenas this summer. Wells is bringing Rhapsody Lounge Orchestra, The Vocalettes, Albert Lee and Lennie Norman on a traditional tour (tour dates on

Rhapsody In Rock is the biggest tour ever to tour Scandinavia. For 11 years, they have done more than 350 concerts and sold over 1.6 million tickets. Robert Wells set sails out of sheer joy and the love of music of all different genres. Almost all Rhapsody tours over the years. have been televised

Tour dates for Rhapsody In Rock:

11 July
13 July
14 July
15 July
14 August
15 August
28 August
Falkenberg, Idrottsplatsen
Rättvik, Dalhalla
Rättvik, Dalhalla
Rättvik, Dalhalla
Stockholm, Skansen
Stockholm, Skansen
Rättvik, Dalhalla

Jon Lord will only participate in Falkenberg
Glenn Hughes will not participate in Falkenberg

(Subject to change)