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Additional venues added! The Robert Wells “Rhapsody in Rock 25 years” Anniversary Tour extended!

Public interest is overwhelming for Robert Wells’ “Rhapsody in Rock 25 years”, which will be celebrated with an anniversary tour! The tour has now been expanded with another three new locations; Malmö Baltic Hall, Norrköping De Geer-hallen and Gothenburg The Theatre, making it a total of 10 locations around the country (see tour schedule below). The 25th anniversary will be celebrated with an great ensemble of no less than 60 people. A symphony orchestra and world class musicians accompany guest artists throughout the country.

Robert Wells will tell about the start of “Rhapsody in Rock”, how it all began, and classical pieces will be blended with boogie and rock. This 25th anniversary will be celebrated in a more intimate autumn tour around the country.

While on tour, Robert Wells is bringing the symphony orchestra SSO (Swedish Symphony Orchestra) and the Gävle Symphony Orchestra. Sofia Källgren is booked for the tour, and more guest artists are soon to be announced.

The 25-year celebration is based on the success of “Rhapsody In Rock”, which once started in 1989, close to the audience and “Old Time Entertainment”. Intimacy, humour and a very high level of musical quality – world class!

“We want to get as close to the audience as possible, completely without the use of TV screens. Our goal is to minimize the distance between the stage and the salon”, says Robert.

Nearly 1.9 million people at over 500 concerts visited “Rhapsody in Rock” throughout Scandinavia during 1989-2014. More than 90 guest artists participated at Ullevi, Råsunda, Dalhalla and other arenas all over Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, China, USA, Russia, Germany and England to name but a few of the countries visited.

More info and official photos at: www.werecki.com

Tour schedule for autumn 2014 “Rhapsody in Rock 25 years”.
25 October Vänersborg, Idrottshuset
26 October Linköping, Konsert & Kongress
31 October Stockholm, Berwaldhallen
1 November Sundsvall, Tonhallen
2 November Gävle, Konserthuset
6 November Malmö, Baltiska Hallen (New)
7 November Jönköping, Konserthuset
8 November Skövde, Skövde Arena
9 November Norrköping De Geer-hallen (New)
16 November Göteborg, The Theatre (New)
(subject to change)

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Robert Wells makes tribute to his idol, Charlie Norman

Robert Wells is on tour this spring to honor his great mentor and colleague piano legend, Charlie Norman.

Robert and Charlie did their first gig together some 25 years ago and ever since then, they worked side by side over a decade, releasing albums, touring and making joint TV appearances.

A tribute to Charlie” will be a top notch musical event, filled with humour, personal anecdotes and lots of jazz, swing and boogie-woogie. The major arenas where Robert Wells usually plays will be replaced with smaller, more intimate concert venues.

Opening in Mijas, Spain, on the 17th of February 2013, the tour will have its Swedish premiere in Trollhättan on the 21st of February, 2013. The Swedish leg of the tour ends at the Scala Theatre in Stockholm on the 12th and 13th of April, 2013. The tour officially ends at the Jazz Club Soho in London 21st to 24th of May 2013.

Tickets: westpointevent.eu and ticnet.se

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Robert Wells and Rhapsody In Rock to Denmark

During the spring of 2012, one of the most successful live tour events in Sweden will visit Denmark for the first time ever! The entertainment show has been created and produced by Sweden’s best kept secret, concerto pianist, singer and composer, Robert Wells.

Ever since 1998, Robert Wells and his Rhapsody in Rocksold more than 1.7 million tickets world-wide.

Along with The Rhapsody Lounge Orchestra, the female group Vocalettes, and one of Sweden’s best vocalists, LaGaylia, you will find yourself in a sing-along experience through all kinds of genres, from Old Time Boogie, via Chopin and Beethoven, to classic rock numbers. This is 100% entertainment and it is plain to see where Robert Wells goes for inspiration. In the spirit of Danish legend, Viktor Borge, Robert Wells takes the audience on a journey in to the magical world of music. Along with his talented ensemble, we are covered in humour and charm; this is a show that puts a great, big smile on your face long after the show is over.

Rhapsody in Rock is Viktor Borge meets Jerry Lee Lewis!
/Robert Wells

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Robert Wells receives medal from the Swedish King and appraises pianists of tomorrow when accepting the medal for the King of Piano.

Pianist, composer and entertainer, Robert Wells, will receive a medal for outstanding artistic achievements as an entrepreneur within the cultural sector. The medal will be awarded on the 16th of February at the Royal Palace with the King and Queen present. On the very same day, his eleven-year-old piano student, Alice Power, from Solna will be crowned King of Piano 2011.

King of Piano is Robert Wellsweb-based piano academy, where online instruction is blended with games and the members’ own video-taped performances. King of Piano is available in Swedish, English, and Chinese.

I follow many young pianists whom I get to know through King of Piano, and at my concerts. Alice Power is one of the greatest and most potential talent I have ever come across. She plays dynamically, her technique is impressive, and she is already a stage personality, which is equally important,Robert Wells says.

Alice will receive her prize by Robert Wells in person at his own music club, Rhapsody Lounge, at Engelen in the Old Town of Stockholm. This award comes as no surprise to Alice. She was elected King of Piano of the Monthlast year, and performed alongside Robert Wells on several occasions. The highlight came in November 2011, when Alice and Robert appeared with Rhapsody In Rock and played duets at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This concert was recorded by Chinese television and will be broadcasted in the upcoming days.

Being elected King of Piano of the Yearis inspiring, its great to get feedback from such a talented pianist as Robert Wells,Alice Power claims.

In addition to the medal, as the 2011 King of Piano, Alice also wins a fantastic stage piano, and the opportunity to continue to play with Robert at several concerts during 2012.

For more information about King of Piano, please visit www.kingofpiano.com

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Robert Wells releases his first solo album in 14 years

Over the last couple of years, Rhapsody in Rock has meant huge arena concerts with full orchestras and many stars. With Close Up Classics, Robert goes back to his roots; music for solo piano by the classical masters.

In 2010, Robert received a request from world-renowned concert pianist Staffan Scheja to participate in a tribute concert in connection with the Chopin 200 year anniversary. That inspired Robert to record this album, which we are now happy to be able to present. You will enjoy pieces by Liszt, Chopin, Beethoven, Stenhammar, Grieg, Rachmaninov and Debussy.

Through his newly established piano school, King of Piano, and this CD, Robert hopes to inspire new pianists, and create more of an interest for the instrument, as well as for classical music per se.

Sunday 14 November at 16.00 in Ersta church, Stockholm,
marks the day for Robert’s first solo concert with material from the CD.
A tour will take place in the spring of 2011.

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Robert Wells, first non-Chinese awarded the Tourism Ambassador title for the city of Beijing, China!

Robert Wells is the first non-Chinese to be awarded the Tourism Ambassador title for the city of Beijing in China.

The handover took place last Saturday at the Solliden stage in Stockholm by Beijings tourism ambassador, Mr An, who traveled to Stockholm to hand over the title to Wells. Robert Wells is a good old friend of the city of Beijing and he has created bridges between our cities, Beijing and Stockholm, but also between Sweden and China,said Mr An. To understand the greatness of this price, Yao Ming, now the world-leader in American basketball, previously received the prize as Shanghais tourism ambassador. The Chinese press release about Robert Wells and his prize has published more than 1,000 articles, and was one of Chinas main headlines on all TV channels last Monday.

28th of August marks the last concert of Rhapsody in Rock taking place in Dalhalla.

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Robert Wells presents Rhapsody in rock 2009 “Handful of keys”

It is now official that rock legend, Jon Lord (Deep Purple, Whitesnake), will be part of this years Rhapsody In Rock opening in Falkenberg on 11th of July, 2009.

Rocknroll is key for this years Rhapsody in Rock, called Handful of Keys. This summer, Wells is offering high-quality world-class rocknroll. He brings rock legends Jon Lord (Deep Purple, Whitesnake and others), Glenn Hughes The Voice Of Rock(Deep Purple and others) and Albert Lee (Eric Clapton Band and others), Stephen Brant-Hansen, LaGaylia, Jakob Samuel (Poodles), Mikael Rickfors, Nina Söderqvist and Wellss own sidekick”, Jörgen Mörnbäck. This year, Rhapsody benefits from the addition of The Vocalettes, ”Team Wells(the choir from TV4) and vocalist and percussionist Pablo Cepeda. Joakim Cans (Hammerfall) appears exclusively on the final concert on the 28th of August in Dalhalla.

Parts of Rhapsody will also continue touring the public arenas this summer. Wells is bringing Rhapsody Lounge Orchestra, The Vocalettes, Albert Lee and Lennie Norman on a traditional tour (tour dates on www.rhapsodyinrock.se).

Rhapsody In Rock is the biggest tour ever to tour Scandinavia. For 11 years, they have done more than 350 concerts and sold over 1.6 million tickets. Robert Wells set sails out of sheer joy and the love of music of all different genres. Almost all Rhapsody tours over the years. have been televised


Tour dates for Rhapsody In Rock:

11 July
13 July
14 July
15 July
14 August
15 August
28 August
Falkenberg, Idrottsplatsen
Rättvik, Dalhalla
Rättvik, Dalhalla
Rättvik, Dalhalla
Stockholm, Skansen
Stockholm, Skansen
Rättvik, Dalhalla

Jon Lord will only participate in Falkenberg
Glenn Hughes will not participate in Falkenberg

(Subject to change)

Robert Wells on quick visit to London during May Day weekend.

Robert Wells hastily flew to London last Friday to meet with the singer and musician, Glenn Hughes, the ”Voice of Rock” (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Trapeze and others). The meeting was very successful and led to the official announcement that world-famous Glen Hughes will indeed take part in this summers Rhapsody in Rock. Thanks to the Falkenberg choir, Wells got a tip about Hughes and hence was connected with his manager in England. In addition to Glen Hughes and the ”Wells” choir from Falkenberg and the TV show, Clash of Choirs, LaGaylia is also ready for Rhapsody in Rock this year. In a few weeks, Wells will release additional names of participating start, plus yet another talented individual who is coming to Sweden to join Rhapsody this year.